Blackland Sheep Station

Blackland Sheep Station began breeding commercial replacement ewes in 2015 after realizing that high quantities of high-quality ewes were difficult to locate. Structurally correct ewes are the basis of the breeding program with a further focus on data-driven characteristics. Blackland crosses Royal Whites, Dorper, and Katahdin to achieve these goals, believing that the hybrid vigor can make a herd more productive and profitable.

Additional data is gathered from ewes on birth weight, growth rate, number of lambs weaned, longevity, carcass quality, loin eye area, and parasite resistance. Blackland raises two types of rams to meet all the needs of their customer, rams to raise replacement ewes and rams that are more carcass improvement driven. Brothers, Cody and Darren Stegemoller, run the operation with assistance from Chad Druen-Miller, a registered cattle breeder who assists with record keeping. Blackland Sheep Station participates in the National Sheep Improvement Program, NSIP for continual genetic enhancement.

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Productive and Profitable

Blackland Sheep Station ewes and rams will make your operation more productive and profitable.

Working with Blackland

Along with data-based breeding decisions, consistent, and uniform groupings of sheep, customers also get a unique customer service experience. Customer satisfaction and relationship building are of paramount importance at Blackland Sheep Station. Most sales are through private treaty. Contacting Cody to ask questions or request information is encouraged.

If you are looking for sheep that are structurally sound with low birthweights, high growth rates, and a high number of lambs weaned or rams that can produce replacement ewes or high carcass quality data, then choose Blackland Sheep Station. Getting to know our customers and their production goals is our pleasure. Contact us today to work toward those goals!


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